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Woman's Head as Jug

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Woman's Head as Jug

by Jackie Wills

This collection is about women's experiences of work, the city, menopause and ancestry. The poems have a touch as deft as the seamstresses and other craftspeople who populate the book. They are funny, political and lyrical.

Wills shapes the metaphorical and physical terrain of the female body in an original, essential way. In one section, the poems are weighted with the visceral routine of daily life, in another, short poems fly with disruption; physical and emotional changes lead to unease and wonderment.

It is a book of enchantment and observation, presenting the power of simple language to convey large and thrilling ideas, relying on often natural images to convey the political in the personal, the value of love and the depth of impermanence.

Jackie has a blog on the book, with behind the scenes thinking...

978-1906570-83-5 (pbk) £8.99
978-1906570—84-2 (hbk) £11.99
Published September 2013