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Places You Leave

Places You Leave

by James Byrne

James Byrne is a widely-travelled poet and editor, and in this, his 4th book from Arc, he reflects on the places, their histories and people that have made a lasting impression on him. He journeys to the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’ Bazar; through Bangaladesh on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway; from Mexico City to the ancient city of Puebla and back again; from Quito to the Ecuadorian city of Esmeraldas and back to Peru; through Turkey, along the north coast of Germany, from Buenos Airies to Uruguay and back and finally to the Spanish city of Granada. So vivid are his descriptions of his travels that the reader is enveloped in colours, sounds, scents and surrounded by people.

ISBN: 9781910345825
For publication January 2022

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