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Self-portrait with a Swarm of Bees

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Self-portrait with a Swarm of Bees

by Jan Wagner

Bilingual English / German edition

Translated from the German by Iain Galbraith & introduced by Karen Leeder

Part of our Visible Poets series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Self-Portrait with a Swarm of Bees, to be published in Arc's flagship translation series 'Visible Poets', combines the poet's unerring instinct for the surprising perspective on commonplace objects or events - plants, animals, landscapes - with a mischievous delight in the detail of the absurd, the precarious balance. Wagner is a vigilant, yet playful, chronicler of the quotidian, his meticulous handling of image and sound forging a worldly, almost luminous palpability. Intensely curious, constantly attentive to novel or unanticipated possibilities afforded by traditional forms, Wagner's poems celebrate what he has called 'our steaming, glowing, odorous, noisy world'.

978 1908376 82 4 pbk
978 1908376 83 1 hbk
978 1908376 84 3 ebk

144 pp
Published April 2015

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