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The Imbolc Bride

The Imbolc Bride

by John Sewell

This is John Sewell's first full-length collection, and it contains poems written over a ten-year period. The title, taken from the Celtic festival associated with the rites of prognostication and trial marriage, reflects Sewell's interest in using history and legend to increase understanding of events common to most people in the present. In form, this book is both an enquiry into language and a search to represent the poems themselves as acts of love.

Sewell distils incident into its strongest elements, leaving the impression of an insight etched on steel, something felt and said with vivid finality.

Anne Stevenson

He has an instinctive ability to use language in a very musical and original way.

Gillian Clarke

76 pages

ISBN 0 946407 78 9
Published 1992

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