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The Floor of Heaven

by John Tranter

Part of our Arc International Poets series

The Floor of Heaven

Sex, drugs and country and western - all ingredients of this quasi-thriller in verse by one of Australia's most highly regarded poets, John Tranter, which is now published for the first time in the UK. A biker's moll, a real-estate shark, a Vietnam veteran who can't forget, an Australian artist fighting drugs and despair in New York... In four interlinked tales, these vividly-drawn characters and their friends, lovers and enemies re-invent themselves as they search for love against a background of passion, ambition, risk, betrayal and death.

A poet writing at the peak of his powers... reminded me irresistibly of the best moments in Twin Peaks.

Sydney Morning Herald

Stories that are elegantly linked not only by some of the characters but by images and signatures - the swish of tyres in the rain, the hint of perfume... A hypnotic read.

Australian Book Review

A rattling good read.

John Ashbery

114 pages

ISBN 1 900072 44 0
Published 2001

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