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by Josep Lluís Aguiló

Bilingual English / Catalan edition

Translated by Anna Crowe

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Josep Lluís Aguiló's Lunarium, his fifth and latest poetry collection, takes up his recurring theme of the uncertainty of life. In 2008 this book, Llunari (Lunarium) was the winner of the Prize Jocs Florals de Barcelona and Josep Lluís Aguiló was appointed Poet Laureate of the City of Barcelona during the period 2008-2009.

These poems speak in a multiplicity of voices, often from the fantastic surroundings of myths and legends — labyrinths, secret libraries, mirrors, hell and the devil, smugglers, pirates of the Caribbean, palaces with golden pillars, apocalypses... There is a sense that the poet is constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible in an attempt to explore what it means to live on the edge of his imaginary worlds, at the same time using these 'other worlds' to explore our own world and what it means to be human. Aguilo's language is rich and sensuous, and the beautiful rural and maritime landscapes of the poet's native Mallorca shine through the fabulous worlds he creates.

978-1910345-46-7 pbk
978-1910345-47-4 hbk
978-1910345-48-1 ebk
Published July 2016

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