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Carnival Edge: New and Selected Poems

by Katherine Gallagher

This collection draws work from 5 of Gallagher's previous collections, together with a substantial body of new work. Born in Australia, Gallagher moved to Paris before settling in London. She draws on a rich inheritance from these different worlds in her poetry, which is always rooted in a passionate sense of discovery and attention to place.

To be able to follow, within a single volume, the evolution and refinement of a poet of Gallagher's subtlety and integrity is a fascination in itself. At its best, this is delicate, straight talking — a poetics that yokes inner generosity to outward reticence, a guileless paredness reminiscent of outback. Coming in from the heat, it's not always clear whether these poems dance or simply walk; but with a turn of phrase, a shoe-tight image, an elegant sleight of foot, everything is transformed. Reading Gallagher, one recognises there are ways of walking that are also dance.

Mario Petrucci

Katherine Gallagher is a fervent watcher of the world. Like the watcher in her poem Orchid she is also a global traveller, and this informs all of her work. Her past, that antipodean patchwork, is also a rich resource comprising memory and discovery, a place where weather's a way of life... Landscape, war, family, the gains and losses of life, plus aerial meditations during long flights — all shine forth in the wide range of her subject matter, wrought in vivid colours. Gallagher is a poet of the eye, the rainbow and of all the feeling senses. In Manifesto, from the final section of new poems which crown this volume, she says: ... Bring out your gambler, / risk-taker. Surprise yourself. This book attests to the energy and insight of that statement.

Penelope Shuttle

ISBN: 978-1906570-42-2 (pbk), 978-1906570-43-9 (hbk)
Price: £11.99 (pbk), £14.99 (hbk)

Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm
Pages: 176
Published April 2010

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