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Frontwards in a Backwards Movie

Frontwards in a Backwards Movie

by Ken Smith

Ken Smith wanted to write a novel, so the story goes, but he couldn't make up his mind which novel, so he decided instead to write a chapter from each novel. But the chapters turned out to be paragraphs, and the paragraphs to be more like poems - and so this beautiful collection of twenty-one poetic fragments in prose came into existence.

First edition limited to 500 copies. Second edition limited to 350 copies. Published by Arc Publications and designed and printed by Tony Ward at the Arc & Throstle Press. Beige paper cover with illustration and printing over. 21 x 15 cms.

Paperback (second edition)
34 pages

ISBN 0 902771 72 8
First edition published 1974, ISBN 0 902771 33 7
Published 1997

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