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Northern Stories [Vol. 1] 1988

Northern Stories [Vol. 1] 1988

ed. Kitty Fitzgerald, John Killick and John Ward

Stories by David Almond, Arthur Appleton, M Aslett, Carol Barker, Pat Bince, David Craig, Chris Firth, Robert Forster, Alison Guinane, Pauline Keith, John Latham, Alison MacLeod, Barry Mathias, Graham Mort, Dorothy Nimmo, Mick North, Irene Rawnsley, Neil Roberts, Peter Ryde, Valerie Smith, Joan Thornton, Theresa Tomlinson, Sue Wilsea, Nancy Flare Wynne.

Part of our Northern Stories & Arc Short Stories series

Exceptionally cheering. Marvellous craft in the most difficult of genres. Buy and try!

Stanley Middleton

152 pages

ISBN 0-946407-42-8
Published January 1988

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