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A Ghost in my House

A Ghost in my House

by Lorna Thorpe

A Ghost in my House is Lorna Thorpe's first full-length collection. In it she explores identity and the masks people adopt to avoid getting emotionally burnt, charting the making and breaking of a 'bad girl', the ghost of the title, through dance halls, betting shops, bed-sits, broken love affairs and the streets of Brighton. Other ghosts inhabit these poems too — the ghosts of lost loves, childhood, snatches of music which summon the past, and the loss of love itself. Assertive, sexy, confrontational, these are poems which pack a punch and which will resonate with the reader for a long time.

Lorna Thorpe's poems are fresh, bright and exciting. She writes of love, sex and the dating game with an appealing and self-mocking humour and an honest integrity.,

Brendan Cleary

Here are poems brimming with sexuality, conflict and defiance. Lorna Thorpe takes big risks in the truth stakes — she just tells it. Again and again she overrides convention and manners with these poems — they simply don't behave.

Linda Chase

[Of A Ghost in my House, and Paul Stubbs, The Icon Maker:] These are both very powerful books; they contrast in content, style and subject matter, but compare in their strength, originality and the sheer quality of the writing.

Ian Pople, The North, Issue 42, Oct 2008

Paperback / hardback
86 pages
ISBN: 978 1904614 03 6 (paperback)
978 1904614 86 9 (hardback)
Published 2008

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