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The Art of Stealing Time

The Art of Stealing Time

by Louis Andriessen

edited by Mirjam Zegers, translated by Clare Yates

The Dutch composer, Louis Andriessen, has been writing and talking about his own work and everything which is directly, indirectly, or nothing at all to do with it, for many years now and The Art of Stealing Time is a collection of these articles, lectures and interviews.

Andriessen talks about his childhood memories, his literary and cinematic preferences, colleagues he admires and ensembles he has established. He also talks about his own work, from De Staat [The Republic], the piece with which, twenty-five years ago, he changed the face of the musical landscape in the Netherlands up to and including the last opera he created with Peter Greenaway, Writing to Vermeer.

Andriessen's style is informal, direct and always engaging, and through his use of anecdote, he is able to convey complex ideas to the widest of audiences, musicians and non-musicians alike.

Controversial, funny, stimulating and thought-provoking, The Art of Stealing Time gives us a unique insight into the mind and working methods of one of the most significant composers alive today. This is, without doubt, a book to return to again and again.

350 pages

ISBN 1-900072-88-2
Published January 2002

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