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Inexorable Weather

by Louis Armand

Inexorable Weather

Inexorable Weather is this young Australian poet's second collection, and his first to be published in the UK. Armand is an exciting and risk-taking poet, a new voice who delights in stretching language and technique in uncharted directions to electrifying effect. This is an energetic, amusing and thought-provoking collection.

a poetry filled with guest appearances by the languages we normally delegate authority to; which know more than all of them put together.

Rod Mengham

Armand is a landscape poet with a difference. His landscapes are replete with 'anti-constructs' - concrete surfaces along with the cranes, which might be bird or mechanism. He marks 'the remoteness between signifier and land-/scape', rather than its conventional conflation. Armand, who hearkens from Australia but lives now in Prague - by way of New York - knows the 'fundamental questions' are those of locality; he poses them with an intellectual acuity and integrity, and in singular language(s) that assert pluralism and always refuse the 'seductions of amnesia'.

Susan M. Schultz

50 pages

ISBN 1 900072 59 9
Published 2001