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Barefoot Souls

by Maram al-Masri

Trilingual English / Arabic / French edition

translated by Theo Dorgan

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

In this powerful and moving book, Maram al- Masri, the award-winning Syrian poet who has lived much of her life in Paris, presents us with a chronicle of the lives of others — women and some of their children — who exist unseen and unheard in contemporary France. Many of the characters whose real or imagined lives she discloses are isolated as individuals; they endure their lives in quiet desperation, prisoners in one way or another of a great silence. Writing in Arabic and French, Maram al-Masri has donated her voice to breaking that silence with clarity, brevity and compassion, a voice which now resonates throughout the English-speaking world in this fine translation by the Irish poet, Theo Dorgan.

She writes a poetry that is taught and clear, where women are to the fore at the scene of the crime. [...] She brings grace, delicacy and finesse to the writing of fragile Eastern jewels where suffering achieves, in the end, a certain style.

Patrick Besson, Le Point

A voice, naked, human, free and sovereign, has arisen: a woman's voice.

Alain-Jacques Lacot, Le Magazine littéraire

Theo Dorgan is a poet equipped to speak for any poet in any language. He has truth and music, fidelity and finesse — the tool bag of the best translators.

Carol Ann Duffy

978-1910345-37-5 pbk
978-1910345-38-2 hbk
978-1910345-39-9 ebk
Published September 2015

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