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John Corigliano: A Monograph

John Corigliano: A Monograph

by Mark Adamo

This monograph was published to coincide with John Corigliano's visit to the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, in December 2000 as Guest Composer in the RNCM's 'American Reflections' Festival.

John Corigliano is one of America's most distinguished composers, and yet this is the first book exclusively dedicated to a discussion of his music to be published on either side of the Atlantic.

In orchestral, chamber, opera and film work, he has gained recognition for his highly expressive and compelling compositions, among them his landmark opera The Ghosts of Versailles (the first to be commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera in New York for over twenty years), Symphony No. 1 (his impassioned response to the AIDS crisis) and his film score for The Red Violin (for which he won an Oscar).

Mark Adamo, in writing this Monograph, has worked closely with John Corigliano to produce a comprehensive overview of his development and considerable achievements as a composer. This is a painstaking and honest account of a career spanning over forty years, giving a rare insight into one of the most significant musical voices in America today, particularly when read in conjunction with Corigliano's own programme notes for works performed in the Royal Northern College 'American Reflections' festival in December 2000 (52-page pamphlet supplied free with all copies of the Monograph).

Paperback and free copy of Programme
72 pages

ISBN 1-900072-63-7
Published January 2000

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