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Defying Fate

Defying Fate

by Maurice Carème

Bilingual English / French edition

Translated (from the French) by Christopher Pilling
Introduced by Martin Sorrell

Part of our Visible Poets series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Maurice Carème, along with Emile Verhaeren, is regarded as one of Belgium's master poets. Poems of his were set by Poulenc and Milhaud, and have been translated into many languages to features in school anthologies. The present volume was published posthumously in 1987, and consists of poems that were finished, but had not been published, at the time of the poet's death nine years earlier.

Carème's poetry is marked by its fluency and ease of access; it is a poetry of shared emotion and aesthetic satisfaction that is easy to identify with. Now, in Christopher Pilling's outstanding translation, an English readership has a chance to become better acquainted with this towering figure of Belgian literature.

ISBN: 978-1-904614-48-7 (pbk) 978-1- 904614-97-5 (hbk)
Dimensions: 138 x 216 mm
Pages: 154
Bilingual edition: French / English
Published April 2009

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