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by Meta Kušar

Bilingual English / Slovene edition

Translated from the Slovene by Ana Jelnikar--> and Stephen Watts-->
Introduced by Francis R. Jones-->
Bilingual edition, Slovenian/English

Part of our Visible Poets series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

The seventy-seven poems that form Meta Kušar's Ljubljana pay complex homage to her home city, the Slovenian capital. Although her vision of Ljubljana begins with places, buildings, bridges — the city the visitor sees — the poet very soon takes us to the insider's Ljubljana, a personal space alive with associations and images, rich with references. As she senses the depths and inter-connections under the city's skin, the city becomes a place of mind and memory, almost an extension of her body. At the same time, Kušar leads us into a wider meditation on the links between who and where we are, and between present experience and cultural heritage.

In this beautifully modulated translation, and with introductory material that guides us through unfamiliar territory, the English-language reader can savour and enjoy the work of one of Slovenia's most individualistic and highly-regarded poets for the first time.

Kušar's poetry is concerned with testing the boundaries, pushing out the limits of language and experience, opening one for the experience of the other. If meaningful change begins where the familiar collides with the unfamiliar, the subconscious with the conscious, the ordinary with the magical, the particular with the general and — finally — home with the world, then it should not surprise us to find her voice at once strange and familiar.

Ana Jelnikar & Iztok Osojnik

ISBN: 978-1904614-41-8 (pbk), 978-1904614-92-0 (hbk)
Publication date: September 2010 (pbk & hbk)
Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm
Pages: 118
Published September 2010

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