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A Cure for Woodness

by Michael Haslam

A Cure for Woodness is the third part of Michael Haslam's trilogy Music, the first two parts of which, The Music Laid her Songs in Language (Arc, 2001) and A Sinner Saved by Grace (Arc, 2005), were widely praised and received excellent reviews when they were published. Like the first two parts of the trilogy, A Cure for Woodness is a reaffirmation of the nature, language and music with which the poet finds himself surrounded in his hilltop home in the Yorkshire Pennines.

I haven't read anything that sounds as beautiful as this for years...

Robert Potts, The Guardian (on The Music Laid Her Songs in Language)

...a very distinctive sound... Roll the syllables around your tongue, and they have a musical mellifluence that is rare in English poetry... a poet of the Northern landscape and townscape, visionary and exact.

The North on A Sinner Saved by Grace

ISBN: 978-1904614-84-5 (pbk), 978-1906570-36-1 (hbk)
Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm
Pages: 112
Published March 2010

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