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— Víctor Rodríguez Núñez


by Michael Hulse

Lucid narratives of family dramas, global warming, and conversations with Death make a riveting new collection from this prize-winning poet. The poems swing between Mexico City, New York, the Peloponnese, a Staffordshire village and home — their engagement with the church, art and natural beauty provide sure-footed travelling companions.

In an extended sequence, Death relates stories of her encounters with people and culture. This is not to suggest the poems make for comfortable reading: each poem's subject provides an opportunity to challenge and question its integrity. By turns mischievous and assured, this collection becomes more engrossing the more you read.

John Kinsella, naming Half-Life a Book of the Year in the Australian Book Review (December 2013), described it as "brilliant", "devastatingly disturbing" and "technically perfect".

The central sequence of Half-Life is a dialogue with death, informed by a grim humour and a haunting sense of history. Michael Hulse's narratives refuse cosi-ness, using bold images to show how we live surrounded both by horror and joy. The poems show a formidable poet equal to the demands of both.

Gwyneth Lewis

Michael Hulse is a real poet, an intelligent, highly-skilled craftsman of the first order. [His] language is alive, it breathes freshness and vitality like new air.

Doug Beardsley, Times Colonist (Victoria B.C.)

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978-1908376-19-0 (pbk) £8.99
978-1908376-20-6 (hbk) £11.99
Published August 2013

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