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Natural Chemistry

by Michelene Wandor

An astonishing musical quality resonates throughout this collection, full of echoes and recapitulations tying the epic range of material together.

From fairy tales to the Bible, Jerusalem to Hollywood, Cromwell to the Suffragettes, cafés to graveyards, the reader is taken to iconic times and landmarks, to breathe in the herbs of history. This is a world where whipped cream is not innocent, just as William Morris wallpaper has significance. Here chance encounters and solitary confinements constantly push at what communication, language and, ultimately, poetry can do.

As rich in emotional truth as intellectual risk, this collection always provides enough space for the reader to enter its playful, if unsettling, symphony and engage wholeheartedly.

This is Michelene Wandor at her compelling best, moving from saffron-coloured macaroons in the paintings of Perugino to Ophelia on a river bank smiling at a duckling: rich, risk-taking, ingenious and musical.

Elaine Feinstein

Price: £9.99
ISBN 978 1904614 531 (pbk)
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 978 1904614 548 (hbk)
Published May 2013

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