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Six Catalan Poets

Six Catalan Poets

ed. Pere Ballart

Bilingual English / Catalan edition

Translated by Anna Crowe
Featuring the work of Josep Lluís Aguiló, Elies Barberà, Manuel Forcano, Gemma Gorga, Jordi Julià and Carles Torner

Part of our New Voices From Europe and Beyond series edited by Alexandra Büchler

History shows how Catalan culture has overcome critical situations far more adverse than the present. The Catalan language has not been replaced and this anthology contains four Catalans, one Valencian and one Mallorcan, who, although they lived through the tail end of the dictatorship, grew up under a democratic regime. Together, their work could not be more modern, comprehensive or polyphonic: politics and history cohabit with love (both heterosexual and homoerotic), learned allusion and popular image, stanzaic rigour and freedom of form, the song to the land of one's birth and hymn to the voyage.

Featuring the work of six of Catalonia's leading poets — Josep Lluís Aguiló, Elies Barberà, Manuel Forcano, Gemma Gorga, Jordi Julià, Carles Torner — translated by a prize-winning translator, and with an introductory essay which sets the poets within a wider literary context.

The history of Catalan literature is a struggle for survival and, as such, its poetry continues to express the passion and vigour of a strident language calling to be heard. The poems contained within this anthology, and Anna Crowe's honest and innovative translations, are proof that Catalonia remains above all a land of poets.

978 1906570 60 6
156 x 234mm 160 pp
£10.99 (pbk)
Published March 2013

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