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The Page and the Fire

The Page and the Fire

ed. Peter Oram

Bilingual English / Russian edition

Russian Poets on Russian Poets – an Anthology
Selected, Translated from the Russian, introduced and edited by Peter Oram

Part of our Anthologies in Translation series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

In this unique anthology, the great figures of Russia's 'silver age' — Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Mandelstam, Pasternak to name but its brightest stars — reveal how they, despite the great geographical and social distances that often divided them, maintained an intimate, almost metaphysical, kind of contact with one another through poems written in homage to (or indeed, in memory of) one poet by another.

The poems range from epigrammatic miniatures to extended ballads, and several of them appear here in English for the first time. They provide the reader with a new insight into one of the most fertile periods of Russia's literary history and the web of interrelationships of the poets that lay at its heart.

"...this collection reflects and confirms an inextinguishable vitality in Russian poetic life and the unshakeable faith of the Russian poet in the written word." Peter Oram (in his Introduction)

Parallel text, Russian / English

In The Page and The Fire the great Russian poets from the 20th century hold a beautiful dialogue with each other. Blok, Brodsky, Akhmatova, Pasternak, Mayakovsky, Tsvetaeva et al unfurl heartfelt admiration into fiercely romantic verse.

In Anna Akhmatova's Final Reply to Marina Tsvetaeva, the poet writes evocatively of Moscow's blizzard, groaning / hoarse-throated as it covers up our traces. The collection is full of mournful touches, with much bitter lamentation for Mayakovsky's suicide.

Natalie Whittle, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, 1 Sep 2007

154 pages
ISBN Paperback 978 1904614 42 5
Hardback 978 1904614 67 8
Published July 2007

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