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The Canterbury Experimental Weekend

The Canterbury Experimental Weekend

by Peter Riley

Peter Riley writes: "In August 1970, I was examining the contents of a London dustbin when I came across a mimeographed sheet of paper which was issued to advertise a weekend course in 'creative writing' held at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

"First there was a paragraph on the aims of the course, stating that the idea was to "make use of the countryside and the dramatic atmosphere of Canterbury for action writing", and that "experiments will include stream of consciousness technique and technique for achieving immediacy." I was particularly interested in the timetable, which divided the weekend into 15 measured intervals, each with its appropriate activity. These 15 phases were in my head at the time I wrote the following 15 short poems at the same time Peret's Le passager du transatlantique was very much in my head."

Limited edition of 250 copies of which 15 are numbered and signed by the author. White card cover (flaps front and back) with printing in black. Published by Arc Publications in Gillingham. Designed by Tony Ward. 23 x 16 cms.

24 pages

ISBN 0 902771 16 7
Published 1971

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