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The Bright Rose: Early German Verse 800–1250

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The Bright Rose: Early German Verse 800–1250

ed. Philip Wilson

Trilingual English / Middle High German / Old High German edition

Edited and translated from the Old and Middle High German by Philip Wilson

Part of our Arc Classics: New Translations of Great Poets of the Past series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

Never published in verse form before, these translations of some of the earliest known German poetry give us a rich glimpse of a life that, while alien in so many ways, was not so different after all. The Minnesang poets, for example, engage in a highly professional ritual, but compose in cognitive metaphors that still ring true: love is a trap; love is a game; love is war. A beautiful, lyrical journey through the passions and fears of pre-Medieval German life, told by some of its finest poetic voices.

978 1908376 71 8 pbk
978 1908376 72 5 hbk
978 1908376 73 2 ebk
Published July 2015