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by Pierre Joris

Pierre Joris "born 1946 Strasbourg : 18 years Luxembourg : 2 Paris : 4 New York : 3 Constantine : 8 London : tomorrow elsewhere : distrust vertical roots, history : the spread is horizon(t)al : replace image of yggdrasil with strawberry fields : rhizomes : root gives is stalk stem branch flower : no direction favoured a priori : the shortest way from here to there is the north west passage : love and work dawn : love and read night : live with Zahia : write poems : some prose : make a living more or less : worry about microfascism as much as about the bomb : like food and cooking : think that resistance essential mode of action today"

A sequence of 6 poems.

this book
called Tracing
the act of
to write,
a meditation
leaves me,
is trace
the only other
we have
or can ... The trace
is how to
that double-
'Western Culture'
has held
its own head.

First edition limited to 350 copies, of which 15 are numbered and signed by the author. Published by Arc Publications, Todmorden and designed and printed by Tony Ward at the Arc & Throstle Press. Sand dustwrapper with illustration and printing over buff paper cover. 21.5 x 14 cms.

Paperback, signed by author
32 pages

ISBN 0 902771 91 4
Published January 1979

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