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Time Begins to Hurt

by Pippa Little

Time Begins to Hurt responds to our extraordinary times of pandemic, refugee migration and species extinction. The poems interweave the intimate and the worldly to explore growing older and the sometimes unlikely or surprising connections which sustain us.

In a book by Pippa Little I know I will find the kind of directness one can trust. So I wasn’t at all surprised when I opened Time Begins to Hurt on a poem called ‘Churchyard’, and immediately found myself confronted with memory and a sense of recognition that was another’s and yet all too real. That is what Pippa Little does so well. And she does it with wide range, with different modes and various poetics… Which is to say, we recognise ourselves in these pages, our days, our questions. And the pages fortify. Why? Because these are honest, very moving and beautiful poems.

Ilya Kaminsky

I love this book – it’s fierce bright poems with their fierce bright women. Scattered throughout are lines and images I will carry with me as touchstones, reminders of what makes for good poetry… So many of her poems have a physical, visceral quality which lifts them clean off the page and into your palm. The world of Little’s poems is a dark one where ‘the harm / the damage’ we humans inflict, on the environment and on one another, is rendered unflinchingly. Love is present too, often inextricably bound up with the pain it can cause, but expressed in such startling language, it is its own reward.

Esther Morgan

ISBN: 9781910345283
Published July 2022

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