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by Pippa Little

Twist is a slant look at the connections binding us together — familial, social, political — in poems which range from the curious and disturbing to memories and evocations of the ordinary magic at work in our lives. It meditates on growing into middle age and explores how, obliquely and unseen, grief and loss transform into grace and redemption.

This is a poised and startling collection, full of poems that give the heart and gut a twist. Pippa Little allows language to thrill to the possibilities of change, while simultaneously making sure her words affirm our deepest connection to the 'velvet of underearth'.

Jacob Polley

Two poles, the magical-celebratory and the challenging moment, give crucial structure to this striking new collection, which is distinguished throughout by beauties of syntax and a witty springy lyricism. These poems do indeed twist, turn, knot, unknot, are sinuous, and entirely memorable.

Penelope Shuttle

Twist is an imaginarium of the sensed world, its lyric artistry born of precise attention to its particulars. Little is both naturalist and secular mystic, with an ear to the air of language. These are poems that tunnel into the open of later life and I find deep wisdom in them.

Carolyn Forché

ISBN pbk 978-1910345-88-7
ISBN hbk 978-1910345-89-4
ISBN ebk 978-1910345-90-0
82 pages
Published March 2017

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