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by Razmik Davoyan

Bilingual English / Armenian edition

Translator: Arminé Tamrazian

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

A requiem for all the losses of the living throughout history, seeking to bridge the centuries by echoing another poem created in the tenth century by an Armenian mystic monk, Grikor Narekatsi. Unsurprisingly, it also touches upon the theme of the Armenian Genocide as a vivid example of loss for mankind as a whole. And yet Requiem is not simply an outpouring of tragedy and grief: throughout, there is a sense of resilience, a desire for life and faith, and a joyous optimism that goes far beyond the boundaries of Davoyan's native Armenia.

pbk 9781908376787
hbk 9781908376794
ebk 9781908376800

96 pages
Published April 2017