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Six Armenian Poets

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Six Armenian Poets

ed. Razmik Davoyan

Bilingual English / Armenian edition

Translated by Armine Tamrazian
Featuring the work of Hrachya Sarukhan, Violet Grigorian, Khachik Manoukyan, Azniv Sahakyan, Anatoli Hovhannisyan and Hasmik Simonian

Part of our New Voices From Europe and Beyond series edited by Alexandra Büchler

Hrachya Saroukhan creates poems using various tricks, weaving pictures with micro-strokes as a confession, as a memory, or sometimes with the thorn wreathes of their losses, throwing a not very confident glance at the other world.

Khachik Manoukyan's struggle against the inhuman nature of this world starts with The Scriptures, with the Old and New Testaments.

Violet Grigorian and Hasmik Simonian belong to the new and younger generation. However, with a united philosophy, they have no fear of endangering the "poetry" in favour of the consolation of creating something from the ruins of their inner worlds.

Azniv Sahakyan makes it clear the social creature people see only represents the physical picture of her distorted existence. Her system self expression is in harmony with her psychological state.

Anatoli Hovhannisyan does not aim to cause suffering to the reader by his own torment. Rather, he brings about a feeling of consolation, which could be considered a mirror of solace.

9781906570873 (pbk)
Published May 2013