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ed. Richard Cadell

The editor Richard Cadell writes: The [10] pictures in this volume are selected by Roger Tomlin from [wood] blocks in his own collection. He lays no claim to their authorship, but should certainly take the credit for caring for them, and saving them from the scrap heap. Divorced from the contexts in which they first appeared, the blocks are free to assume identities of their own. Ten authors have made their suggestions...

The poetic and narrative accompaniments are by Asa Benveniste, Phyllis April King, Cory Harding, Brian Marley, Paul Green, Stefan Themerson, Tony Jackson, Richard Caddel, Ivor Cutler and Lee Harwood.

First edition of 500 copies by Arc Publications/Pig Press. Designed and printed by Tony Ward at the Arc & Throstle Press. Foolscap 4to. Original stapled wraps. Staple a little rusty, but otherwise mint condition.

Paperback (pamphlet)
20 pages
ISBN 0 903997 34 7
Published January 1979

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