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by Robert Gray

Selected Poems

Robert Gray has won most major literary prizes in Australia, and has also received numerous fellowships from the Australia Council. His Selected Poems has been through six expanded and revised editions, and is a long-standing text for the final high school examinations in New South Wales. This is Robert Gray's first full-length book to be published in the UK.

As Robert Gray observes the world, he discovers that there is "a substance to things, which is ungraspable, unbounded. It is divided and passed on, like a secret inheritance." - And that understanding, expressed in 'A Testimony', one of the truly remarkable poems of our times, is at the very heart of his love affair with these places we live in and the words we use. One of the most influential poets in his native Australia, celebrated for his philosophical adventurousness, the precision of his images, the suppleness of his rhythms, and the warmth and humanity of his perceptions, Robert Gray is now available for the first time in the UK in this selection from his poetry of the 90s.

Gray is a poet of strong feeling - passion of a low-burning, slow-release, persistent intensity. There's something remarkable, and mysterious, about this quality... Gray's poems are so coolly, so unarguably and yet unassertively, passionate... The tone is measured; the gaze is level; the eye is 'on the object' as I think Wordsworth said it should be.

C K Stead, Stand Vol 2 No 2 June 2000

Australia has kept Robert Gray a secret for all too long. He is one of the contemporary masters of poetry in English.

Les Murray

112 pages

ISBN 0-900072-09-2
Published 1998

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