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On the Banks of the Cynon

On the Banks of the Cynon

by Robert Morgan

A powerful collection of poems revolving round the mining communities of the South Wales valleys, focusing on two pits in particular: Cwm-Cynon Pit (Cynon Pit) which, in 1950, was one of the first pits to close after over a century of production; and the Senghenydd Pit, in 1913 the scene of a terrible explosion in which over four hundred men and boys died, after which it never re-opened.

Limited edition of 400 copies of which 20 are numbered and signed by the author. Perfect bound with blue card cover with printing and illustration by the author. Published by Arc Publications, Todmorden. 21.2 x 14.2 cms.

36 pages

ISBN 0 902771 35 3
Published 1975

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