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The Museum of Light

The Museum of Light

by Rupert Loydell

The Museum of Light is a strong and unusual collection, in which the five discreet parts of 'Background Noise' - the uncompromising sequence that forms the backbone of this book - are interspersed by a tapestry of contrasting poems, some ironic, some light-hearted, some delicately lyrical.

The reader embarks on a journey that is both arduous and revealing, a journey from an indeterminate starting point to an indeterminate destination by way of a rich collage of ideas, images, voices and landscapes that are at once familiar and unrecognized.

[His] approach is elegant, but with a hard edge of the actual, as if the lines occurred in a place where Oppen meets Auden - emotional but with a reasoned, and even witty, detachment.

David Mutchlecner

Loydell is a mature and accomplished poet and his work is always worth seeking out.

Poetry Quarterly Review

68 pages

Published 2003

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