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Diary of a Divorce

by S. D. Curtis

This sequence of poems about the
disintegration of a marriage and its aftermath
captures how quotidian events inexorably
contribute to the breakdown of unity, identity,
and truth between partners and how they are
reforged over time within oneself. Because of
the poet’s candour, these poems aff ord the
reader a rare understanding of the processes
at work, and at the same time are both a
lament and a reclamation.

This is an exceptional debut collection.

The whole pamphlet is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Ian McMillan

... incredibly powerful, forensic and unwavering, and of course word-perfect. I'm very taken by how unexpected so many of your turns of phrase are, the way you move between powerful punches and graceful almost-analytical perspectives. A work of art...

Patrick McGuinness

ISBN: 978 1910345 16 0
Published November 2020

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