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by Sophie Mayer

Sophie Mayer's fourth published poetry collection, (O), is a bittersweet lovesong to zombies, tattoos, lovers and sisters, Katniss and Pussy Riot, Artemis and suffragists. In three parts - I DO, I UNDO, I REDO - the poet undoes herself and all around her in a cycle that takes her back to the start as it comes to an end. Spirited, politicised, contemporary and Classical, these poems bring a poetic voice to the women that have lived in the cracks of history. In her own words: "Nothing - and everything - is sacred in this new cosmogony, beginning again with O."

ISBN pbk 978-1-908376-98-5
ISBN hbk 978-1-908376-99-2
ISBN ebk 978-1-910345-01-6
Published May 2015

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