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The Street of Clocks

The Street of Clocks

by Thomas Lux

The poems in this collection are lyrical monologues, urgently delivered by a narrator who both loves the world and has intense quarrels with it. Often set against a vivid landscape - the rural America of Lux's childhood and unidentified places south of the border - these poems speak from rivers and swamps, deserts and lawns, jungles and the depths of the sea. They address the snakes, parrots and sand fleas living there, as well as their human cohabitants, who are sometimes benign, and sometimes emphatically not so. The language is distilled and musical, lucid and strange, at times playful, at others deadly serious, and always specific.

The Street of Clocks, Thomas Lux's eighth collection and his first to be published in the UK, is a significant addition to the work of an utterly original and highly accomplished poet.

68 pages

ISBN 1 900072 80 7
Published August 2003

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