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by Tomaž Šalamun

Bilingual English / Slovene edition

Translated by Joshua Beckman

Part of our Arc Translations series edited by Jean Boase-Beier

This is Tomaz Salamun's second book from Arc, but unlike his first book, Homage to Hat & Uncle Guido & Eliot, a volume of selected poems already published in an American edition, Row is a book of new poems appearing for the first time in English in Arc's edition. pleasurably browsing... The reader is perplexed and excited by Salamun's personae. Salamun's surrealistic worlds are often inhabited by real history...

Kit Fan, Poetry Review Volume 96:3 Autumn 2006

When entering a Tomaz Salamun poem don't reach for the handrail of narrative or grope for the light-switch of 'meaning'. These are instinctive, sensory poems, poems of great power and surprise, appealing to the open mind and the trustful reader. Each phrase no matter how unexpected or even surreal has a deliberate force and a convincing relevance. Salamun is mysterious and enigmatic and he is a risk taker. With wit and wonder, and always with surprise, he renews our familiar world again and again and again.

Simon Armitage is impossible to deny the inventiveness and energy that he is still capable of drawing on.

Martin Crucefix, Poetry London, Autumn 2006

...much more interesting. There are poems and images which surprise and delight. This is imagery pushed into new places...

Rupert Loydell, Stride Magazine, 2006

...I have rarely read a group of poems as incomprehensible as these: they row with me...

John Idris Jones, Roundyhouse 20

138 pages
ISBN 1-901614-09-4
Published November 2005

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