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by Tony Curtis

The poems in Tony Curtis's new collection are woven out of his fascination with the everyday, the quirky, the downright extraordinary, poems wrapped up in love and death, friendship and memory, madness and music — from the blind man singing in a field, to his three Cistercian uncles singing plainchant.

There are folk at the heart of everything Tony Curtis writes. He is a born storyteller, and these are poems crafted by a poet with a wonderful ability to express great depth of feeling with deceptive simplicity.

This is a true poet with an ear for phrase and form, as well as the playful ability to think (a better word is 'dance') inside a metaphor. His sense of delight is inescapable... absolutely alive... too deliciously odd for words.

Helena Nelson, Ambit

Curtis lives on the borderline between our world and the world of the Spirits.

The Irish Times

ISBN: 978-1906570-74-3 (pbk), 978-1906570-75-0 (hbk)

Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm
Pages: 126
Published February 2011

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