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The Well in the Rain

The Well in the Rain

by Tony Curtis

The Well in the Rain, Tony Curtis's second book from Arc, brings together work from his six previous books. Bicycles, famine, ghosts, grannies, Tibetan Buddhists, Beckettian sighs and Lucian Freud's nudes are all revealed with a rare, and loving, simplicity.

His award-winning poetry has always been characterized by its compassion and humour: full of gods but empty of forgiveness.

In a closing selection of new poems, gathered here as Tossing the Feathers, Curtis's wit and heartache surface in a long poem The Well in the Rain, that faces the loss of his father. This is life-giving, life-affirming poetry, full of loss, love and longing.

Underpinning the lyrical narrative is a writing style as graceful as the author's thought.

Poetry Ireland Review

...I could feel something of the burden ...the bleakness of some of his landscapes... I recognised a certain talent at work...

Matt Simpson, Stride Magazine, 2006

...there are some marvellous poems in this book. This is a true poet with an ear for phrase and form, as well as the playful ability to think (a better word is 'dance') inside a metaphor. His sense of delight is inescapable. ... absolutely alive... too deliciously odd for words.

Helena Nelson, Ambit 187, 2007

202 pages
Published 1st July 2006
ISBN 1-904614-27-2
Published July 2006

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