Over 40 years
at the cutting edge
of poetry publishing


by Tracy Ryan

Arc International Poets series

Part of our Arc International Poets series

Hothouse, Tracy Ryan's most recent collection of poems, was published in 2002 in her native Australia to great critical acclaim. It is essentially a collection of flower poems which focus, not on the alienation of humans from the plant world, but instead their similarities.

In them we see the grafting of the organic world onto the personal, the emotional, the sexual, in language which is both 'bluntly luscious' (her own phrase) and at the same time 'pruned' into deceptively simple, short lines.

Hothouse is a collection of intense poems which explore with great precision the ever shifting and precarious boundaries between self and the world. Sometimes Tracy Ryan reminds me a little of Sylvia Plath - sometimes of Gig Ryan, but mostly she is her own self, dancing with a language forged in talent and courage.

Dorothy Hewett, Australian Book Review

84 pages
Size 138 x 216 mm
November 2006
ISBN 1-904614-13-2
Published November 2006

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