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Circus Wols: The Life and Work of Wolfgang Schulze

Circus Wols: The Life and Work of Wolfgang Schulze

by Wols

Edited by Peter Inch

"I have been interned now for a year and the need has come for me to generalise all my problems, towards my life's unknown goal; therefore I have created an hypothesis which I shall call Circus Wols. I believe this name is logical, because the circus has inside it everything needed to make it function as the centre for my labours even if that never becomes realised. As for the name Wols, I had to adopt that during an important project I undertook several years ago. To define my hypothesis, in a way that can be understood, I present the Circus Wols." Wols (prisoner, Camp des Milles, 1940)

A collection of essays on the life and work of this seminal surrealist artist and writer, with contributions from Dore Ashton, Roger Cardinal, Claire Van Damme and Peter Inch (written specially for this volume) and from Öyvind Fahlström (translated) and Jean Tardieu (translated). The volume also includes translations of writings by Wols, and is illustrated by 3 of his drawings, 4 of his paintings and 6 of his photographs, all in black and white.

Limited edition of 600 copies, of which 150 are clothbound and 350 are paperbound. Published by Arc Publications, and designed and printed by Tony Ward at the Arc & Throstle Press. Blue dustwrapper with printing front and back over blue paper cover. 22 x 16.5 cms..

54 pages

ISBN 0 902771 65 5 pbk
ISBN 0 902771 84 1 hbk
Published January 1978

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