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Nataša Velikonja, from Six Slovenian Poets


to traja že štirinajst dni. noči — čudovite. nekaj najbolj pošastnih
v življenju. recimo ta danes. prvič živim vse to skupaj in vse je
razbito, vse je razparano, nimam pojma, kaj se bo dogajalo. jaz
sem vse razparala. najprej sem samo poskusila, sinoči pa sem
potegnila do kraja. nimam potrpljenja niti za ped. nje ne poznam,
morda jo bo to odgnalo, ta viharnost. upam, da ne.


it's been going on for fourteen days now. the nights — beautiful, and
a few of the most ghastly in my life. last night, for instance. for the
first time i have to deal with all of this at once and everything is
shattered, everything is coming unstitched, i have no clue what will
happen. i have torn it all. at first i only tried, but last night i ripped it
completely apart. i am not patient, not one bit. i don't know her, this
could drive her away, this volatility of mine. i hope not.