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Michelene Wandor, from The Music of the Prophets: The Resettlement of the Jews in England, 1655-56


  This is the humble hope of Menasseh ben Israel

If it please your Highness, the Jewish nation, though scattered
throughout the whole world, are not therefore a despised
people; but a plant worthy to be planted in the whole world
and received into populous cities, being trees of most savoury fruit.

Our people are everywhere, except only in this considerable
and mighty Island

Wherefore I humbly entreat your Highnesse, that you would
with a gracious eye have regard unto us, and our Petition, and
grant unto us free exercise of our Religion, that we may have
our Synagogues, and keep our own publick worship, as our
brethren doe in Italy, Germany, Poland, and many other
places, and we shall pray for the happinesse and Peace of this
your much renowned and puissant Common-wealth.

Thus we shall fulfil Daniel's prophecy
when the dispersion of the Holy people shall be completed in
all places, then shall all things be completed

there will follow a great blessing from God, and a very
abundant trading into, and from all parts of the World, not
only without prejudice to the English Nation, but for their
profit, both in Importation and Exportation of goods.

We must commend unto all people the love of strangers
A blessing upon this Nation and people of England, for
receiving us

This is the humble hope of Menasseh ben Israel.

  Perhaps this is the door to usher in the things that

God has promised
which have been prophesied of

Since there is a promise of the Jews' conversion,
to hasten the Second Coming
means must be used to that end
which is the preaching of the Gospel
and that cannot be done unless the Jews
are permitted to dwell where the Gospel is preached
in English

in England