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Vladimir Mayakovsky, from Pro Eto - That's What

Kiss it better.

from out the cloud
a moony mist
the wall
with slow
The Petrovsky Park
I run
with Khodinka St.
at my back,
the sheet of Tverskaya
I howl like a mushroomer
combing the woods
crying to his friends "Coo-eeeeee!"
on the Ring Road.
Felled by a carriage shaft
or squashed by a car
I lie flat
stretched face down
in the snow.
Shot with a bullet
of foul
"The bugger's blinded
By the New Economic Bollocksy!?
He's wearing
bloody blinkers!
Hey you!
NEP your fucking mother,
You Christmas goat!"
Oy! but you see
it's just me
the bear.
What a mix-up!
But actually I have to say
to passers-by
I'm not really a bear, I just
ended up looking like one.