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Pro Eto - That's What

List of contents

'Vladimir Mayakovsky and That's What '
Introduction by John Wakeman

'Translating Mayakovsky's That's What' by George Hyde

What's This? — That's What
I. The Ballad of Reading Gaol
II. Christmas Eve

Application on behalf of...
(Please, comrade chemist, fill it in yourself)


Biographical Notes

List of photomontages by Alexander Rodchenko


She lies / in bed. / While he... / On the table is a telephone.

from the cable / crawled — / scratching jealously — / a monster from troglodytic / times.

I paw at / my ears / kneading uselessly. / I hear / my own / my very own voice. / The knife / of this voice bores through / my paws.

So it ever was / And ever shall be / World without end. / The old mare / of the daily grind / canters on serenely.

And again / the walls / baked hot like the steppe / echo / and sigh / in your ears, in the two-step.

I catch my balance / waving frantically.

Four times I try — / four times / resuscitated

She too / — she used to like animals — / will come to the Public Gardens