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Amarjit Chandan, from Sonata for Four Hands

A Weekend Journey

The book of the road
Opens page by page

It's just started snowing
Silently on the motorway

The coach driver's wearing a turban again
(The first time for years)
The furrows on his forehead
Have tangled his arms and feet

Silently his Asian
Passengers watch the snow falling
In the flash of the headlights.

The white-haired woman wonders
and says to herself —
It's snowing outside

The pregnant young woman thinks
and says to herself —
It's snowing outside
The boy with the beautiful plaited hair thinks
and says to himself —
It's snowing outside

It's snowing outside
Silently in the dark
On the motorway
The coach is heading homeward.

The book of the road
Closes page by page.