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— VĂ­ctor Rodríguez Núñez

Linda France, from You are Her


Tonight I will shuck off the too-tight dress
of my skin and let fly that ounce of breath
and bone I carry twined inside myself.

I'll kiss the river's thin meniscus —
here at the millpond — where all it asks
is that I swoop and dive; loop the tricks

of my stiletto bill, spinning sapphire
across summer air, ripe and hungry
for purging what's already lost. I will slice

an avenue, a hide of willow. Each
secret needs water to keep it safe, clean
as larkspur, unfathomable as tears.

I want to seed my song under the bridge
and watch it drop — a dark flare of wing,
whistling from the other side of this:

where I am and what I've got; which, tonight —
let me flute you — is seven days of like
meeting like, no storms, a rainbow's arc. Light.

The strike of grief. My wild turquoise, flying.