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— VĂ­ctor Rodríguez Núñez

Doris Kareva, from Shape of Time

Shape of Time

Tomorrow is everyone's light
Day, day, don't seize me
We cap the night with a taste of light
All bodies are perfectly
Like a cornucopia, the sum of all things
In the depths of August's dark nights
Your most delicate detail sheltered by me
Have me like a sandwich
Delicious, singular, indispensable
Man is still asleep; man's honour
Idleness is often empowering
The question isn't
You aren't better than anyone
Exhaustion's divine enervation
Whoever has learned to love
When a wave splashes over pebbles
He who lives in light doesn't age
Poetry is the dance of language
Countless and wonderful are the ways to praise God
The suit of light will not become threadbare
From what material is a materialist made
Emptiness won't be for nothing
He blew his fuses. And his nerves
In the end, hope