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Agnese Krivade, from Six Latvian Poets

'what can a person do in Riga early in the morning'

what can a person do in Riga early in the morning
walking a poodle down the boulevards,
or perhaps it's a kitten or a failed event
answer me, night

the poodle half crumbles to dust
morning fog like a mouldy chin
tell me, city, how does one use a boulevard
where one is allowed
to stop, overtake, dig

me and a poodle crumbled to dust
suck the boulevards from the small bottle
tear at world's open canals
has it even been here
so early ever

we've been vexing this boulevard long
to pour poodle in city's eyes
from the walk boulevard gets inflamed
powder keeps quiet, Riga speaking
and the night also speaking