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— Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

Karlis Verdinš, from Six Latvian Poets

Why Deny It

Didn't I say already, I'm tired: today I pulled a zebra out of burning
bramble and lifted eleven penguins with food poisoning into the trailer.
I don't ask to be paid, I need no publicity, just give me some peace
and quiet.
Yet meanwhile cold and misery had crept into my house where no
body understood these overseas transactions and I had a lot of
explaining ahead of me.
Imagine this: some really sweet and nice people had been sitting for
several days without water, electricity and sex and no one had
been able to explain the heart of the matter to them.
So I had to take care of this mess myself. I just wanted to tell you so
you'd know what can be expected of me.
But other than that I am good, ready to help anyone, ready to save the
world from the bad spiders; I learn not to exist at moments when
it's not necessary. I fly over the dark streets of the city even when
it's cold and rainy and my red cloak is all dirty and wet.