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Astrid Alben, from Ai! Ai! Pianissimo

To The Highest Bidder

A clearance sale to do
oh Christ
away with everything
including him including her.

Including the space across the table at which they met.
The bike ride that final day of autumn.
The crystal scream hand-blown
with the maker's initials etched in.

Including also the bones he had to pick with her
the unwanted gesture of abandonment
a raised hand open like stone
a take-away heart
probably German
probably belonged to one of them as a child.

Also to go under the hammer:
a telephone in mint condition with all the words still in.

A bitter fish the bitter lemon.
A leaking teapot
the colour yellow.

All rubbish
all he
all of it she.
All of it bubble-wrapped.

We are also there seated among the bidders.
Consider what we might take
what then might be ours.